Annual Pesticide Notification

Cosmopolis School District
Annual Pesticide Notification

August 12, 2019

Dear Parents, Students and Staff of the Cosmopolis School District:

The Cosmopolis School District complies with RCW 17.21.415 which requires schools to annually notify parents, students and employees when the district will be using pesticides on district property or in district facilities. The district has a policy and procedure in place which requires pre-notification of 48 hours in the event of any pesticide application. In addition, signs will be posted at the sites of pesticide applications.
In the event of a necessary application of a pesticide while school is in session, a pre-notification will be sent home with each student 48 hours in advance of the application.
The pre-notification will include the following information:

a. The product name of the pesticide to be applied
b. The intended date and time of application;
c. The location to which the pesticide is to be applied;
d. The pest to be controlled; and
e. The name and phone number of a contact person at the school.

The pre-notification requirements do not apply if the school facility application is made when the school is not occupied by students for at least two consecutive days after the application. The pre-notification requirements do not apply to any emergency school facility application for control of any pest that poses an immediate human health or safety threat, such as an application to control stinging insects. When an emergency school facility application is made, notification consistent with the district's notification system shall occur as soon as possible after the application. The notification will include information consistent with the normal pre-notification requirements. The Cosmopolis School District is not liable for the removal of signs by unauthorized persons.
A copy of the district's procedure for pesticide notification, posting and record keeping requirements is attached for your review. An annual pesticide summary report is available upon request. You may contact Cherie Patterson, the district's Superintendent for further information at 360.532.7181.


Cherie Patterson
Cosmopolis School District