Mrs. Patterson Update

Mrs. Patterson Update

April 29, 2021

Dear Cosmopolis Families:

It is with great regret that we announce the passing of our Principal and Superintendent, Mrs. Cherie Patterson. Mrs. Patterson passed peacefully on Thursday April 29th. Mrs. Patterson was an unprecedented leader who was much loved by all our students, staff, school board, and families.

Today is a difficult day for our students, staff, and community. Now, more than ever, is a time to come together as a school community and move forward in the best interest of our students.

Teachers spoke with all students this morning. We had extra school counselors in our building today and will have them on-call for the next week to provide emotional support for our students. If you have special counseling concerns or would like additional resources to help talk with your child, please email or call the office at 360-532-7181.

We encourage you to talk with your child. How we, as adults, manage ourselves serves as an important model for helping kids handle tragedies like this. It is important that they know they are loved and supported as they talk about their feelings. You may want to consider the following when talking with your child:

Tell the truth. Talk about death. Avoid euphemisms like “going to sleep” because they can scare and confuse children.

Allow for your child to talk about feelings. If this is the first loss your child has experienced, your child may not know how to respond and will be looking for your guidance.

Affirm all expressions. It’s okay to express feelings honestly. Tolerate the expressions rather than dismissing them or discouraging the expression of these feelings.

Encourage written expressions such as notes, letters, pictures to the family.

Reaffirm that your child is safe and loved.

Affirm that your child’s reaction is normal and that you understand the way the child feels.

Watch for signs of trouble and distress, such as aggression, withdrawal, etc.

Help children return to normal routine and structure as soon as possible.

Our deepest sympathies go to Mrs. Patterson’s family and we ask you to respect their privacy at this time. We know that this loss will be felt by the entire community of Cosmopolis. We care deeply for all involved and that includes you, your student, and your family.

Ann Tracey, Interim-Principal

Link to the letter sent home on 4-26-2021:
Mrs. Patterson Update