Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates
Coronavirus clipartSchool Closed March 16 - April 24, 2020 
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Wednesday, March 11, the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus illness was identified in Grays Harbor County.

Wednesday, March 11
First COVID-19 case identified on Grays Harbor
he link above will take you to the announcement released by Grays Harbor Public Health & Social Services.
“We have expected and planned for this,” said Dr. John Bausher, the County’s Public Health Officer.  “The public health system works every day to track and follow up on cases of disease exposure.  The virus is new, but the public health response is not.”
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Governor Inslee issues proclamation restricting large gatherings (pdf)
The restriction is directed at King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, but the Governor's Office advises they expect it will need to be expanded.

Tuesday, March 10
Grays Harbor County has adjusted its recommendation on when to send students back to school who have been ill. The longstanding guidance has been that students may return to school when they been fever-free for 24 hours. That guidance is now 72 hours. The information pasted below is from the county's Coronavirus Update page:

We do not recommend or require school closure at this time. Schools can:

continue standard cleaning procedures, and clean frequently touched surfaces and objects (like doorknobs and light switches). Standard cleaning products are effective. A fresh solution of 10% bleach/water (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) will kill respiratory viruses.

supervise handwashing before food is consumed

provide handwashing reminders; hand sanitizer

exclude students who have symptoms of COVID-19 but have not been around anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 for 72 hour after the fever is gone and symptoms have resolved

exclude students who have been diagnosed (confirmed case) with COVID-19 for seven days OR until 72 hours after the fever is gone and symptoms have resolved, whichever is longer

exclude siblings in households with confirmed COVID-19 cases from school for 14 days past last exposure (last date of a household member’s fever)

instruct parents in households with fever and respiratory illness to monitor their other children’s temperature daily before sending them to school

consult public health (for discussion about closure) if school absenteeism from fever and respiratory illness exceeds 20%

Superintendent's Letter to Parents/Families
Our district continues to stay in close contact with county health officials.