Mrs. Helland


Mrs. Helland


June 2019: my family at our nephew's graduation

Follow this link for the YouTube playlist of background tracks: ____________

Spring songs coming soon!


Mrs. Helland will be online hosting open Zoom meetings for classes during these times.

Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Mitchell: Wednesdays from 9:15-10am
Mrs. Deal: Tuesdays from 9:15-10am
Mrs. Wiechelman: Mondays from 9:15-10am
Miss Corbus: Tuesdays from 12-1pm
Mrs. Wilson: Mondays from 12-1pm
Mr. Ford: Wednesdays from 12-1pm

Small groups have additional times and those will be emailed out to specific student email accounts. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Helland at 

Positive Videos for Students!

We have a new YouTube channel! Please check it out and stay tuned for new video uploads from our teachers who miss you very much!
and here are a few playlists that I've created with kid-friendly content: Video playlists!

Mrs. Moore!
Mrs. Deal!
Mrs. Patterson!
Mr. Ford!
Mrs. Helland!
Miss Corbus!

Resources for Families!

Here are some videos that you might want to watch together! 

COVID explained for little kids!
Blog with Mindfulness videos for Kids!
PBS - Exploring Feelings
For parents: Talking to your child about school closures
For parents: Talking to your child about COVID-19



At Cosmopolis School, we are raising the bar on our already high expectations by initiating a school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support structure. To make this special for our students, we created our own videos (starring our very own students) to teach our expectations for the various common areas in our school. Posted below are the YouTube links for these PBIS videos.