Small Works Roster

Small Works Roster -
Dear Contractor:

The Cosmopolis School District is pleased to learn that you are interested in being placed on our Small Works Roster for public works projects.

Please complete the Vendor Information Form and return it to our office. Upon receipt of this form and a certificate of General Liability insurance, we will place your firm on the Small Works Roster under the category(s) you state that you are prepared and equipped to perform. By completing this application, you are agreeing to provide prevailing wages for your employees, and to completing the necessary intents and affidavits required by the State of Washington.

Please be aware that placement on the Small Works Roster is contingent upon receipt of a properly completed Vendor Information Form,IRS Form W-9, and receipt of certificate of insurance. Whenever the District is soliciting for building improvements, repairs, or other public work type projects, the District will request bid quotations from all contractors on the Small Works Roster who have indicated a capability of performing the kind of works being contracted.

Enclosed is the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website address and information for accessing the system for prevailing wages and for filing the forms. We look forward to doing business with you. If a question arises, please don't hesitate to call.


Cherie Patterson
Cosmopolis School District

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website