• Vision Statement

    Vision Statement

    Students are the first concern of the Cosmopolis School District.  Each student shall be treated with regard for his/her welfare and individual achievement.  A major task of our program is to assist each student in learning how to make good choices.  Staff members shall seek to be wise counselors of children and skilled facilitators of learning. 

    Staff members will individualize programs in order to provide learning experiences appropriate to each student to the extent possible, so that all students will achieve essential learning outcomes to their highest potential and strive to attain high standards.

    The Cosmopolis School Community will employ technology, as a tool, to assist students and staff in achieving essential learning outcomes within the curricular domains, as well as create specific conditions necessary to produce technologically capable students, staff and community.

    Cosmopolis School District is committed to providing ongoing and continuous training to its staff in the use of and integration of technological tools.  To ensure equity of learning, all students will have equal access to these tools to improve their critical thinking skills, enabling effective communication and fostering creativity.

    To achieve our vision, the Cosmopolis School District will enlist the active engagement of our parents and community to offer the technological resources of the school.